Recording of “Champagne chrysanthemum” radio play emerges

In December 2021 I was involved in a radio project with Ocean City Radio, through which audio plays were produced by a volunteer team of actors and broadcast in the run up to Christmas. My play Champagne Chrysanthemum was one of the selected plays and it was great to hear it brought to life for the first time.

You can listen to the whole thing here:


Two ex-naval seamen, Frank and Walt, return to their favourite pub, the Dolphin, for a beer in mid-winter. As the drink starts flowing they decide to embark on a final mission in their boat, the Peapod, out to the breakwater on Plymouth Sound. On the way they begin to open up about the traumas of their military past and, through their friendship and shared struggle, try to understand what matters most for their remaining time on earth.

As heard on Ocean City Radio, December 2021
Written by Will Kemp
Actors: James Lawrence and Robert Erskine

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